Event Calendar

2018 VMPRA Calendar

To see how events are intended to run, refer to the V M P R A Schedule of Events.

Date Event Club/Location Day/Program Comments
9th-11th Jun  AMPRA including F3D Team Trial Munro  FA1, F400 and Q500
20th-28th Jul  F5D World Championship Takikawa Japan  F5D
12th Aug New WPMAC Sports and Q500 WPMAC  Sports & Q500  TBC
8th-9th Sept State Championships
F3D Selection Round.
Cohuna  F3D, F400 and Q500
11th-12th Nov New Munro  F3D, F400 and Q500  TBC
9th Dec New WPMAC Sports and Q500 WPMAC  Sports & Q500  TBC

For locations of club flying fields go to - VMAA Clubs List
For rules regarding Team Selection Events – go to www.ampra.org.au

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