Camperdown – VMPRA Trophy – Event Report

View from the field of Mt Leura. David Axon in the forground.

What a fantastic start to the pylon racing year. Fine weather, great club and venue and a good turnout of competitors.

2 days of flying FA1, F400 & Q500 plus Beau Murphy & Rick Townsend flew their F5D planes as a demonstration event. These things really go. Beau’s 1st event of racing this plane saw him doing a 57.63 on the 10.5 lap cause. The best time with a FA1 was  59.20! I can see that this class has a good chance of gaining traction among the regular pylon racing fraternity plus bring in new pilots from the electric scene.

F400s being identified. Barry Murphy holding Beau's F5D

F400s being identified. Barry Murphy holding Beau's F5D

The results are now on-line, including lap times for the FA1 rounds. You can find the results via the “Results” menu button at the top of the page or follow this link.

Barry Townsend with his GoPro Camera

During this weekend, Barry Townsend took some video with his helmet mounted GoPro camera. It gives you a great view of the scene from the pilot area during a pylon race. It starts off with some Q500, then F400 & FA1 plus there is some vision of the F5Ds. It’s really well worth a look (especially at full scene as the video clip is HD).