The Victorian Miniature Pylon Racing Association (VMPRA) is the organization responsible for the running and promotion of remote control model aircraft pylon racing in the state of Victoria.

The VMPRA runs competitions all year round at many country and city based model aircraft clubs through-out Victoria.

We currently run 3 different class:

  • FA1 – (Australian rules for F3D) The premier speed class.
  • F400 (Formula 400) – Fasr racing (sub- FA1 speeds).
  • Q500 (Quickie 500) – (Entry Level) Close racing beginners and experienced flyers a-like.

We also offer sports racing at our 1 day Q500 events where pilots can fly their trainer or sports models (Scanners, Boomerangs, Classis Trainer etc) and get a taste for the thrill of pylon racing.

Pylon racing is the most exciting facets of remote control aeromodelling. If you like racing your model aircraft, then come along and join in the fun. Come to an event and see what it’s all about and introduce yourself, or make contact with a committee member via the website.

The members of the VMPRA, are a very friendly and encouraging group willing to help any new-come  to the pylon racing.