September Update

Well, according to the event  count-down, it’s just over 2 weeks before the event at Cohuna. This event (Sept 15-16) is the 3rd selection trial event for the next F3D World Championship in the Netherlands 2013. It promises to be a hotly contested event in F3D with several of our northern friends making the trip down to compete and we should see most if not all of the winning 2011 F3D WC team flying at Cohuna.

As this is a selection event for the F3D WCs, this will take priority, but there is also going to be F400 flown after 9 rounds of F3D has been completed.
Note: There isn’t going to be any Q500 flown at this event but you can still come along and get involve with helping out, fly in the other classes and enjoy some really quick racing.

So it’s time to make your preparations and have accomodation organized ready for this great week end.

While we are at Cohuna, over in Romania, the F5D World Championships as getting under way. Having seen Rick and Beau fly these models earlier in the year, we have had a chance to see just how quickly they fly. Australia is sending a team, so we’ll being keeping an ear out for news on their progress. Good Luck guys.

See you are Cohuna
John Schmidli