Event Report – Warrnambool Dec, 2018

Below are the results and championship standings for the last event for 2018 which was held at Warrnambool. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend and therefore there are no photos or report.


Class – FA1

1st Daniel Arapakis
2nd Leigh Hocken
3rd Glenn Matthews

Fastest Time: 58.32
No. of competitors: 8

Class – F3T (For the first time for the VMPRA)

1st Andrew Davies
2nd Brian Steele
3rd Jim Orenshaw

Fastest Time: 68.19
No. of competitors: 7

Class – Q500

1st Jim Orenshaw
2nd Allan Swift
3rd Mike Kellet

Fastest Time: 96.49
No. of competitors: 4

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Season Championship


1st – Daniel Arapakis
2nd – Andrew Davies
3rd – Leigh Hocken


This season championship will be a combination of F400 & F3T. As of the November 2018 Munro event, all future races will be to the F3T rules.

1st – Andrew Davies
2nd – Jim Orenshaw
3rd – Gary Davidson


1st – Jim Orenshaw
2nd – Allan Swift
3rd – John Schmidli

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Next Race

Camperdown February 2-3, 2019

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Report  – John Schmidli

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