State Championships – Munro Sept 2016

The second F3D team trial for next years World Championships to be held in Sweden, saw competitors arrive on the Friday from South Australia, New South Wales and regional Victoria. Baz Murphy’s much loved Munro field, a purpose built, immaculately presented and maintained pylon racing facility, was set for a show down. This the pinnacle of the highest speed, pilot and plane combinations all with the passion for precision racing would test the very best to achieve their rightful place on the Aussie F3D team. Results over the past few months have been chequered and pilot placings in probably one of the hardest teams in the world to get onto would be up for grabs this weekend. Hot Stuff Model Fuels

As per the past few race meets at Munro, the weather Gods rolled up for Saturdays racing in East Gippsland. With 10 F3D pilots competing in Victoria’s State Championships. The heat 1 draw was for the Minute Master Munro team and great mates Beau Murphy and Dannmann (Daniel Arapakis). Round after round, the fluro red and bright orange wings battled it out to get clean air….Dannmann with his place already set as the Aussie Junior, was free to give every round his very best against his trusted mentor Beau. Beau as conservative as possible, flew famously well as usual and averaged an event time placing him on the Aussie Team with 2 times recorded now after 2 team trials. The awesome duo of Beau and his long time mate Leigh Hocken who also has two times in with a great performance in QLD a few weeks back, have their places squared away on the Aussie Team for the next year World Champs.

Just as impressive as the first day us southerners met the Jacobsens’ from SA, Shauny mixed with the best in his usual perfect style that will prove out his competitiveness and future success. With only a hand full of F3D races under his belt, Shaun flew his PB of 59.28 seconds and while carrying a cut, Shaun averaged a 61.1 seconds to place him in a very good position for the 3rd team senior member on the Aussie Team.

Great to see Tom Jacobsen, the “Great Dane” larger than life, flying well with plenty of smiles. Leigh Hocken had pace as always but carried a 200 finishing in 4th and 5th respectively. Great to see Ranjit Phelan with yet again another big drive down from outer Sydney to compete in his life passion of F3D racing. Frank Cassella and his family watching and supporting his high speed passion with the most highly polished racing red Voodoo also bringing along his ripper smile enjoyed the perfect conditions at Munro. Brian Steele and Andrew Davies, the two infamous beer monsters, had a tough event with a few too many DNF’s. Jarrod Jacobsen, Shauny’s number one caller and brother in his first time in an F3D event suffered an unfortunate technical problem resulting in wing folding in his first heat, will see him having another go in this very testing class of F3D!

As F3D team trial selection takes priority, 8 rounds were flown on Saturday with Dannmann finishing in 1st place and recording the fastest time for the event and his PB of 57.21 seconds, Beau in 2nd place and Shaun taking out 3rd. Well done to all pilots and to a great F3D event and State Championships.


With 7 pilots primed and full of adrenaline, pilots took to the perfect afternoon conditions racing for 3 rounds before sunset took over. Unfortunately no more rounds for this class were on the Sunday due to poor weather. Proving the fact out that consistency wins races, finishing any event with no cuts puts you in prime position. Jim Orenshaw who recorded the fastest time of the event with a 96.13 seconds, is always a great competitor. This time round, Lilydale Club President, Gary Whitbourn took out the podium with 1st place, closely followed by Ian Rickard, Munro’s very own grounds keeper in 2nd place and Alan Whitbourn in a very proud 3rd place which was a fantastic weekend racing result. All three trophy getters have put in the hard yards and have been finally rewarded with State Championship trophies – well done guys.

With the unfortunate weather conditions closing in on Sunday, F400 was not raced and the State Championships Trophy for F400 will be competed for at the next event which will be run at Munro on October 15-16.

Many thanks to all the pilots and helpers that turned up and participated and made the event one to remember.

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Class – FA1

1st Daniel Arapakis
2nd Beau Murphy
3rd shaun Jacobsen

Fastest Time: 57.21 – Daniel Arapakis (10 lap course – won’t be recorded)
No. of competitors: 10

Class – Q500

1st Gary Whitbourn
2nd Ian Rickard
3rd Alan Whitbourn

Fastest Time: 96.13 – Jim Orenshaw (10 lap course – won’t be recorded)
No. of competitors: 7

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Season Championship

This was only the 2nd event for this Season Championship.


Leigh Hocken has popped up into the top position, pushing Brian Steele and Andrew Davies down a position respectively.

1st – Leigh Hocken
2nd – Brian Steele
3rd – Andrew Davies


Jim Orenshaw has remained at the top and the father son team of Gary and Alan Whitbourns have popped up into 2nd & 3rd positions.

1st – Jim Orenshaw
2nd – Gary Whitbourn
3rd – Alan Whitbourn

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Season Fastest Time

As this was a team trial and racing on a 10 lap course rather than our usual 10.5 laps, fastest times for this weekend won’t be included.

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Event Report – Andrew Arapakis
Photographs – Shaun Jacobsen

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