Westernport Q500 & Sports – Part 2 – August 2016

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WPMAC – Western Port Model Aircraft Club located in the seaside town of Crib Point hosted what is no doubt now one of the best Sports 40 and Quickie 500 races on the calendar. Crib Point is the home of HMAS Cerberus and is the Royal Australian Navy’s primary training establishment with history dating back to 1911, now trains 6000 personnel annually with about 800 trainees on-board at any one time.
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With the ground swell of Pylon at WPMAC, the committee and members prepared the field to the highest standards putting on awesome flying weather conditions with a light northerly of about 10kph.

Bystanders and new flyers witnessed and took part in a great day of camaraderie, fun, flying and quick times from some of the more serious quickie pilots. Probably one of the most rewarding events to me as the Dad of Dannmann, was to assist and be part of showing a crowd of almost 80 people, something very special that I have shared with my son for 3 years now in flying Pylon. Great to see new father and son team of young Xaviour and Dad Matt Noonan flying in their very first event, learning heaps at every round and like wise with young Cameron Sexton and Dad Gavin, pushing themselves on every lap. It was also great to see new pilots from WPMAC have a go in the Sports event for the very first time, enjoying the fun and adrenaline rush for every second of the racing.  Wayne Newman the owner of Addies Hobbies recovering his new model in iridescent fluro’s calling it the Coxy Killer brought a sensational spirit to the racing definitely pushed Alister Cox to the limit.

With 4 rounds of Sports 40 and Scanner racing after a great race demo between Dannmann and Jimmy saw Manny Reiderich take out 1st prize with his buddy Mick Kellet as his caller. Great to see Mark Jacob return to this event and also posted the quickest time of the day of 142.6 seconds claiming 2nd place and an ambassador to our famous club Alister Cox flying a ripper race with no cuts on the podium with 3rd place. New pilots to the event were Club President Mr Brian Holmes, Matt Noonan and Justin Trist, all having a great time !

After a banquet BBQ lunch,  the Q500 field consisted of 13 pilots, battle it out also for 4 rounds. Mark Jacob with his scratch built Quickie, Cameron Sexton with his trusted Angelov model, Lucas Newman with his brand new Viper 500 all flew great as new comers to the racing. It was a ripper to see Matt Carter from Hasting Hobbies returning to Q500 racing with great reliable racing. Young gun Austin Omann cut him self out of the race as to did Dannmann after recording the fastest time of the event of 94.30 seconds. Young Cameron Sexton is now recording times under 110 seconds with his caller Dannmann mentoring him for future success. Veteran racers took the podium on Sunday with Mick Kellet returning to racing and was rewarded with 1st place – onya Mick and we are all very glad to see you return with great spirits and fantastic flying. Jim Orenshaw flew in true style taking 2nd place and well deserved after years of commitment and passion to this sport and so with Gary Davidson at 70 years of age showing up the rest of the field.

No doubt the weekend was one to remember with fantastic club spirit and passion for this very unique aspect of aeromodelling that is tremendously rewarding. it is a combination of fun, a winning spirit, strategy, and the 3 P’s says Baz Murphy – patience, perseverance and practice!

Well done to all pilots, callers, helpers, members, visitors, committees of both WPMAC and VMPRA for a great weekend of flying and fun!

Event Report  – Andrew Arapakis

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