Event Report – Newbridge, May 2024

On May 18th and 19th, the VMPRA held a pylon race at the Newbridge field, which is Rick Townsend’s private flying field. Thanks to Rick for letting us race there and for all the work that goes into preparing the field for us to attend.

The weather over the weekend was good, and we were fortunate to have enough helpers to man all the pylons. Our newest volunteer race starter, Wendy Dean did a brilliant job out at the startline. Again, we had Amy Eichstadt running the computer timing system throughout the weekend. With their tireless efforts and the fact that we had enough participants free to help during each class, all pylons were judged for all racing.

First, on Saturday morning, we ran four rounds of Q500 followed by four rounds of F3D. Unfortunately, by the time we started flying F3t, the sun was getting too low, so we ended up canceling flying for the rest of that day and decided to start early on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, we completed six rounds of F3T and due to the early finish on Saturday, we agreed only to complete six rounds of each class therefore, we ended up flying two more rounds of F3D and two more rounds of Q500

Thanks to everybody who attended the weekend. It was great fun, as usual. Unfortunately, due to a technical hitch, we haven’t got any photos of the weekend. If you have some, please send them to me.
This report is also a little late coming out. I do apologize, but remember, we are in need of volunteer report writers for our events. Your contribution, no matter how small, is highly valued. It can be just two or three paragraphs or as detailed as you like. You can even send it to me as a voice memo, and I can have it transcribed. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If anybody wants to try their hand at photographing the weekend, I would be very grateful to have help with that.

Next up, we have a race at Bendigo on the on July the 20th and 21st.
I hope to see you all there.


Class – FA1

1st Andrew Davies
2nd Tom Wetherill
3rd Rick Townsend

Fastest Time (Red Box): 62.55 Rick Townsend.
No. of competitors: 5

Class – F3T

1st Andrew Davies
2nd Anthony Thurgood
3rd John Schmidli

Fastest Time (Red Box): 63.69 Andrew Davies.
No. of competitors: 8

Class – Q500

1st Jim Orenshaw
2nd Tony Eichstadt
3rd Eddie Rich

Fastest Time (Red Box): 92.07 John Schmidli
No. of competitors: 9

Season Championship


No change in the top three for this class.

1st – Andrew Davies
2nd – Brian Steele
3rd – Anthony Thurgood


No change in the top three positions for this class also.

1st – Brian Steele
2nd – Andrew Davies
3rd – Jim Orenshaw


Jim Orenshaw has moved up to the top spot, displacing John Schmidli down into the 2nd position. Tony Eichstadt maintains his 3rd position.

1st – John Schmidli
2nd – Jim Orenshaw
3rd – Tony Eichstadt

Next Race Event – Bendigo 20th – 21st July.


Report  – John Schmidli.

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