May Update

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Matt Carter launching Daniel Arapakis's trainer

This Sunday (May 19) we are having a pylon race at Werribee. It’s a 1 day event flying Q500, Sports and EF-1.

The Q500 race is the penultimate round of the 2012-2013 VMPRA championship which ends at the following event to be held at Munro.

Sports pylon covers a large range of models from trainers to low wing sports planes, typically of a 46 sports engine size. It’s the best way to start pylon racing. Only 12 months ago, Daniel Arapakis was flying a trainer around the pylon course and now he’s up there with the fastest competitors in the Q500 class.


EF-1 models

EF-1 (electric formula 1) is a fairly new class for electric flight. There are a range of ARF models that can be purchased for this class and is an inexpensive way to go racing.

Wanted – Magazine Columnist

For many years, John Hughan wrote a pylon racing column in Airborne magazine ( Ever since John stopped producing this column, Airborne Magazine has been looking for a contributor to write pylon racing related articles on a regular basis. Having pylon racing represented in Airborne Magazine is a great chance to publicize our most exciting facet of aeromodelling. With AMPRA & the World Champs coming up soon, it’s a great time to start.
If anybody feels they would like to give this a go, please let me know.

 John Schmidli