VMPRA Members at the F3D World Champs 2011

F3DWC2011VMPRA members were well represented at this year’s F3D World Championships. Not only was 2 of the 3 senior Australia team members and their callers from Victoria, but members of other national teams are members & regular flyers at VMPRA events.

Igor Buchler & Rick Townsend (Team Brazil) and Tom Wetherill & Jim Orenshaw (Team New Zealand)


Jim Orenshaw (caller), Tom Wetherill (pilot) & Andrew Davies (supporter) - Part of team New Zealand


Igor Buchler (pilot), Rick Townsend (caller) & Vern Gibson (team manager) - Team Brazil


Igor Buchler (pilot) & Rick Townsend (caller) - Team Brazil

Among the faces in the photo below, are many VMPRA members who spent the week helping in the many official tasks that needed to be carried out for the smooth running and the success of this event. From my point of view, it was well worth making the trip to take part in this terrific event. – John Schmidli

Helpers at the F3D World Champs in Bunderberg