28 August 2011 – Werribee – Q500/Boomerangs/Sport

Our next event is the very popular Q500/Sport pylon event. Not only do we get a good number of Quickie pilots at this event, but there is the opportunity to come along and have a go at flying pylon using your typical 40 size sports or trainer model.

So dig out your Q500 or sports model for a great day of fun compeditive pylon racing.

If you want to try flying pylon, this is a great event to give it a go with plenty of people on hand if you need assistance.

Location info: http://www.vmaa.com.au/content/clubs/club_details.php?club_id=37
Website: http://www.wmaa.org.au

Just in, some important Werribee club rules you need to know about.

  • No starting of engines before 9:00 am
  • No mobile phones in the pits , if you are seen with one expect to be asked to leave the pits IMMEDIATELY.
  • While test flying you must stand at the flight line (concrete strip you cant miss on the way to runway) No standing out on runways.