Event Report – Echuca Moama May 2022

On the weekend of May 14-15th, the VMPRA headed to a new club for us, the “Echuca Moama Model Aero Club”.

The facilities at this club were fantastic and a good size contingent took advantage of this and camped out at the field. There would have been about 8 caravans there.

This was a new field to us and a new event to the local club members, so this race was only two classes, F3T & Q500. I think this made for an enjoyable and slightly more relaxed weekend and resulted in good numbers of entries, with 7 for F3T & 11 for Q500.

The only difficulty we had was due to so many Q500 entries, we had some difficulty getting helpers on the No.1 pylon. Luckily, a couple of club members helped us out on Saturday and some friends of David and Toni Axon, helped on Sunday. The weather was perfect on both days and we enjoyed 2 great days of racing.


Class – F3T

1st Barry Murphy
2nd Jim Orenshaw
3rd Brian Steele

Fastest Time: 67.69 Barry Murphy
No. of competitors: 7

Class – Q500

1st Tom Wetherill
2nd Jim Orenshaw
3rd Allan Swift

Fastest Time: 91.57 Tom Wetherill
No. of competitors: 11

Season Championship


Jim has jumped up to the top position from 3rd place resulting in Glenn and Andrew moving down a spot each.

1st – Jim Orenshaw
2nd – Glenn Matthews
3rd – Andrew Davies


There was no change for the top 2 positions but Garry has jumped up from 4th position into 3rd, displacing James Hurley.

1st – Jim Orenshaw
2nd – John Schmidli
3rd – James Hurley

Next Race

The next race meet will be on May 28-29 at Barry’s flying field in Munro and we’ll be back to our usual 3 class race event. I hope to see you all there.


Report  – John Schmidli
Photos – Anh Swift & John Schmidli

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Quick Reference

Pylon Racing comes to Echuca – May 14/15th

The most exciting and exhilarating discipline of RC – pylon racing comes to the Echuca State field on the 14/15th of May. Two classes will be flown, the introductory class Q500 and the international class F3T. The racing is flown around a 400-metre triangular course for 10 laps, the Q500 models complete the race in around 90 to 100 sec, and the F3T models complete the race in around 60 to 70 seconds.

This will be the inaugural event at the Echuca field and we encourage all pylon flyers to support the event and the Echuca club. We encourage those who want to witness pylon racing for the first time to come and have a look or bring a model (any model) and ”have a go”.

The pylon racing fraternity is a very friendly and supportive group from all walks of life sharing one passion and will go out of their way to welcome and help both newcomers and the experienced racer.

For further information on this event visit  https://vmpra.org.au/ or contact our President Gary Whitbourn on 0421 024 091