2012-2013 VMPRA Season Championship – Winners

We’ve just finished the 2012-2013 VMPRA Seasons Championship and the new 2013-2014 Championship starts at the next event which is Bendigo on July 13-14. The slate is scrubbed clean now, so it’s your chance to have a go at seeing how high up the ladder you can get over the next 12 month.

It has been a lot of fun and a challenge having the championship running over the year which makes doing well at a single event, not just an isolated result. The secret is consistency or constant improvement of performance and regular attendance of events.

So the winners for the now complete 2012-2013 VMPRA Season Championship are:

FA1 – Tom Wetherill – 63 points

Tom Wetherill - VMPRA 2012-2013 Season Champion - FA1

F400 – Tom Wetherill – 64 points

Tom Wetherill - VMPRA 2012-2013 Season Champion - F400

Q500 – John Schmidli – 88 points

John Schmidli - VMPRA 2012-2013 Season Champion - Q500

Final Results

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 Position FA1 (Aust F3D) Points Events
1 Tom Wetherill 63 9
2 Beau Murphy 56 7
3 Glenn Matthews 52 8
4 Barry Murphy 43 6
5 Andrew Davies 38 9
6 Brian Steele 38 8
7 Gary Davidson 36 6
8 Jim Orenshaw 30 8
9 Rick Townsend 21 3
10 Ranjit Phelan 19 3
11 Leigh Hocken 16 3
12 Tyler Mees 15 2
13 Frank Cassella 13 2
14 Matt Young 10 3
15 Chris Callow 10 1
16 Mark French 9 3
17 Terry O’Connor 9 2
18 Vernon Gibson 8 1
19 James Hurley 4 2
20 Tony Howse 1  1
21 Stuart Humpherson 1  1
Position F400 Points Events
1 Tom Wetherill 64 8
2 Jim Orenshaw 60 9
3 Andrew Davies 59 8
4 Glenn Matthews 56 7
5 Gary Davidson 50 7
6 James Hurley 40 7
7 John Schmidli 34 6
8 Terry O’Connor 33 4
9 Marcus Guss 9 2
10 Rick Townsend 9 1
11 Stuart Humpherson 7 1
12 Trevor Pearce 6 1
13 Frank Weeks 8 1
14 Mike Kellet 4 1
15 Vernon Gibson 2 1
16 Tyler Mees 2 1
17 Paul Schmidt 2 1
18 Barry Townsend 1 1
19 Daniel Arapakis 1 1
20 Tony Howse 1 1
Position Q500 (Vic) Points Events
1 John Schmidli 88 10
2 James Hurley 79 10
3 Daniel Arapakis 63 7
4 Matt Carter 37 7
5 Ian Haigh 34 4
6 Mark French 30 5
7 Jim Orenshaw 23 3
8 Gary Davidson 22 3
9 Ian Rickard 14 3
10 Marcus Guss 11 3
11 David Axon 10 2
12 Glenn Matthews 9 2
13 Graeme Beagley 7 1
14 Paul Pollock 6 1
15 Shaun Power 6 1
16 Matt Young 5 1
17 Vernon Gibson 4 1
18 Gary Whitbourne 3 1

Full Details PDF

AMPRA, Munro June 8-10, 2013 – Event Report

What a weekend this was! I would have to say, “too much pylon racing is barely enough” but it came pretty close.

It’s seldom we get to go pylon racing for 3 days in a row, but even more rare that we would have good weather to do this. This weekend, we encountered absolutely spectacular weather for all 3 days. Icy mornings to start with, clear blue skies and extremely still conditions prevailed.

Strictly speaking this isn’t a VMPRA event. It’s the annual AMPRA (Australian Miniature Pylon Racing Association) Championship and this was hosted by Barry Murphy at his spectacular, purpose-built pylon racing field, affectionately known as Bazza’s Paddock.

We had a good turnout of Victorian competitors and 1 interstater (Ranjit Phelan) with a large contingency camping out at the field which is becoming a popular thing to do at a lot of the country locations. It was a shame that not more interstate competitors could make it to the event.

The catering at this event was fantastic with a huge variety of food throughout the day including a pre test flight breakfast.

FA1 (AUST F3D), F400 & Q500 classes raced this weekend.

Saturday we raced 4 rounds of F400, 4 Rounds of Q500 and 2 rounds of FA1.
Sunday, 3 rounds of Q500 and the remaining 7 rounds of FA1.
Monday, 2 rounds of Q500 and the remaining 5 rounds of F400.


1st Beau Murphy
2nd Gary Davidson
3rd Vern Gibson

(R to L) - Vern Gibson, Marcus Guss, Barry Murphy, Beau Murphy, Glenn Matthews & Gary Davidson,

The fastest time was Ranjit Phelan with 56.51s. Terry O’Connor’s plane went in, going around pylon 3 and Beau Murphy hit a pylon.


1st Glenn Matthews
2nd Tom Wetherill
3rd Andrew Davies

(L to R) - Brian Steele, Andrew Davies, Jim Orenshaw, Tom Wetherill, Glenn Matthews & Garry Davidson

James Hurley raced his new KD Racer and Daniel Arapakis flew F400 for the first time with his Terry O’Connor built aircraft. His best time and 2nd race ever in this class was 72.36s.
Fastest time was flown by Andrew Davies with 68.74s.


1st Daniel Arapakis
2nd Ian Haigh
3rd John Schmidli

(L to R) - Jim Orenshaw, John Schmidli, Daniel Arapakis, Beau Murphy, Ian Haigh & Kim O'Conor

There were 10 entries – the largest number I’ve seen at a 3-class event in the last 4 years. Really great to see more interest in this class and this has really raised the game with closer levels of competition.
The fastest time was Ian Haigh with  95.19s. This was achieved with his spare aircraft after the mysterious mid-air disintegration of his Viper.



More Information also see:

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World Championships

By the time our next event comes around, competitors will be there or on their way to the F3D World Championships in the Netherlands. We’d like to wish the Australian and New Zealand teams all the best. Those representing Australia are:

Beau and Barry Murphy
Ranjit Phelan and Rick Townsand
Tyler and Warren Mees
and our junior, Matt Young and caller Bruce DeChastel

Also other VMPRA members:

Tom Wetherill and Jim Orenshaw who are representing New Zealand.

Next Event

The next event is at Bendigo on July 13-14 and we are racing the FA1, F400 and Q500.

We are currently trying to confirm whether camping is allowed at the field, but there is a caravan park 5 minutes away in Marong where we usually have the AGM. We are also expecting to run the VMPRA AGM and general meeting (venue and time TBC).

New Event – Swan Hill

We have an event coming up on September 14-15 in Swan Hill. VMPRA haven’t been to Swan Hill in a long time and it’s always great to get a new location to go racing, so put this one in your diaries and let’s support this one.

In the last couple of years the Swan Hill club has experienced a real resurgence and they are very keen to have us. There is a group of Swan Hill members that will probably camp at the site and they can also provide up to 8 helpers. They have free on-site camping, a hot shower and toilets and there is likely to be big brekky and lunch at very reasonable prices.

The strip is 50 metres from the pits and the runway is gypsum (no dust) and the club can mow a take-off square and roll it if necessary.

So let’s try and make this a successful weekend. It would be great to see the guys from SA and the other Eastern states there.

John Schmidli – (report and some photos)
Additional photos provided by Lydia Arapakis (thanks).