Werribee Q500 & Sport pylon day

The weather for this day was brilliant. There was just a light breeze and mostly sunny. There was even a sighting of sun block in the pits.

Discussion in the pits before racing starts

There was some very close racing in Q500. One race saw a mid-air collision between Terry O’Connor and Mark French. Mark came out of it unscathed but the same couldn’t be said for Terry.

EF-1 models on the start lineThere was 3 EF-1 (Electric F1) models racing and a new comer to pylon, Daniel Arapakis racing his trainer. Well done to Daniel! He improved dramatically during the day.

This event is always a great opportunity for people to try pylon racing for the first time.

The results are now post on the site – results>>>

Daniel waits for the countdown to start

And he's off