Event Report – Munro Nov 2012

Munro was our last scheduled pylon racing event for 2012 before a 2 month break over the Christmas/Summer holiday. The weather was forecast was fine and warm, particularly on the Saturday, so there was no need for the cold weather gear of recent events.

There was a slightly smaller turnout than usual with some regular competitors busy with other activities. Quickie 500 had better than usual numbers for the weekend.

We started the morning with a update on how our mate Gary Davidson was after having a serious accident earlier in the week, when a spray paint can he was heating, exploded. Gary lost an eye, has lacerations to his hand and arm and is now in need of skin grafts for the burns to his chest. We all wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him out at a pylon field before too long. He was greatly missed during the weekend.

Nice Launch as the Minute Master has just lifted off the mat.

The event was run one class at a time with Q500 up first. With the quick preparation times between races for Q500, we were able to take the fuel out to the line and run 4 rounds of 2 heats fairly quickly. F400 was run next with a break in the middle for lunch and FA1 was run after that. There were always enough competitors free for each class to man the #1 pylon cage.

It was a really warm day and many of us found that we had to ration the water we’d brought out to the field as we were going through it quicker than usual. There was plenty of re-hydration of one sort or an other later that day.

Sunday was another fine sunny day but was a little cooler. We repeated the previous day’s schedule, this time running 5 rounds each.

Highlights and incidents

We were all very impressed with Daniel Arapakis’s flying in Q500. Beau Murphy was calling for him, and Daniel was racing low and tight with a good pace on his Viper. This was only his 2nd competition flying a proper Q500 aircraft. Before that he was flying a trainer. Well done Daniel. There are now some nervous Q500 pilots around.

I sheared both blades off the prop of my Q500 (Thunder Tiger) having collected Mark French’s wing tip after a failed takeoff, resulting in a damaged engine and flying my spare for the subsequent races on the Saturday.

There was Glenn Matthews and Jim Orenshaw’s mid-air collision in F400 and Jim lost his spare F400 due to a elevator failure.

Season Championship

Go-Fast Team - Murphy.

F3D – No changes in 1st and 3nd position, but Beau Murphy has now moved up to 2nd place.

F400 – Gary Davidson and Jim Orenshaw have swapped places with Jim returning to 1st place. Andrew Davies has moved up into 3rd place.

Q500 – The was no change for Q500, but James Hurley has increased his lead.

Next Event

The next event is Camperdown on February 2-3, 2013

There are now a number of events listed on the event calender and although this is not yet complete for 2013, be sure to pencil these dates into your diary.

The championship table has been updated and there is also a photo gallery from this event.


November Update

F3D World Championship Team Selection

The team selection has now been finalized. After some confusion as to the team line-up, Chris Callow elected to participate as the returning world champion which made room for Tyler Mees to take up the final position on the team.

Mees & Murphys

The team is made up of Beau Murphy, Ranjit Phelan & Tyler Mees. There is now a chance that Matt Young will be going as a junior team member pending raising funds and all the boxes being ticked with AMPRA & MAAA. Not sure where this is at but there is a Facebook page setup dedicated to raising funds for Matt to attend the World Champs. HELP MATT GET TO THE 2013 F3D PYLON WORLD CHAMPS

The final results for selection events are below:

Name AMPRA QLD champs Cohuna trial VIC champs Final result
Chris Callow 56.85 56.72 56.78
Leigh Hocken 60.28 62.44 drop 59.92 60.1
Ranjit Phelan 61.54 drop 59.64 57.65 58.64
Frank Cassella 63.41 62.58  63.44 drop  62.99
Barry Murphy 63.47 140.51
Tyler Mees 65.28 drop 60.42  59.51 59.96
Beau Murphy 80.9 drop 60.32  57.81 59.06
Rick Townsend 63.5 63.2 63.35

Next event

The next event is upon us. Down at Bazza’s padock at Munro on November 24-25. All 3 classes are being run. Q500 & F400 in the mornings and FA1 in the afternoons. So make sure all you gear is ready and you’ve got accommodation sorted. Lets have a great last weekend of racing before the Christmas/Summer break.

Events for Feb 213

So far there is only the Feb event confirmed for next year which is Camperdown on Feb 2-3, 2013 which is quite early in the year. Keep checking the calender as events will be added as they become confirmed.

50 Lap Endurance

Not a VMPRA event but worth considering is a 50 lap endurance race to be held at the Lilydale Club (LDMFA) which is being run on Feb 17, 2012. This event is open to all solo qualified pilots.

There is going to be both a Q500 c& sports class which pretty much allows for everything else. We had a great time last year, so all you budding pylon pilots, Q500 flyers or even experts, come along and have a great day of flying.