Bendigo 2015 – Results, Championship and Fastest Times

This season, I’m looking to break the report up into 2 separate posts to assist with getting some information out quicker while giving me time to compile other information such as the report a little later.
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Class – FA1

1st Daniel Arapakis
2nd Tom Wetherill
3rd Tom Jacobsen

Fastest Time: 63.16 – Ranjit Phelan
No. of competitors: 8
Course – 10.5 Laps

Class – F400

1st Shaun Jacobsen
2nd Brian Steele
3rd Glen Matthews

Fastest Time: 68.68 – Shaun Jacobsen
No. of competitors: 11
Course – 10.5 Laps

Class – Q500

1st John Schmidli
2nd Jim Orenshaw
3rd Andrew Arapakis

Fastest Time: 63.16 – Jim Orenshaw
No. of competitors: 6
Course – 10.5 Laps

Check out the full results>>>

Season Championship

Being the first race of the season, the championship standings are the same as the place getters. It’s not too late to get in and give it a good go for this season.

Full Championship Results>>>

Season Fastest Time

This season, we are going to keep a record of the fastest times recorded of each class. So the fast times after the first events is:

FA1 – Ranjit Phelan – 63.16

F400 – Shaun Jacobsen – 68.68

Q500 – Jim Orenshaw – 95.97

Check back soon for the Event Report, Photos, Next Event News.

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